Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Baghag's First post

I just Looooveee Bags! I don't know why but i always get a nice feeling whenever i purchase one or even find one (but most of time i ended up not buying it just for the simple reason that i can't afford it!!!!)

Oh well, this blog is not all about bags. It's about me.. a baghag from Q.C. who is sweet, caring, thoughful ehem ehem is this too much of self-confidence?????? Well, my real friends could attest to that! Hey friends? where are you?????

Anyways, i created this blog just to have an outlet for myself. I lead a busy life! My work just kills meee! But i can't complain coz i love it!! It gives me the oppurtunity to practice my profession and fund my bag addiction ha ha ha i hope to share with you all my adventures as well as misadventures if its not too much so, keep on blogging!!!