Monday, April 27, 2009

Hi all! As promised, here are some of the pictures taken during my simple birthday celebration (a day before my actual bday) held in our home with family and some close friends. It was super special day for me because all my loved ones are present especially my Dad who came all the way from our home in Laguna. Thanks Papa!

On my actual birthday, we celebrated the first birthday of my co-celebrant,our cute, adorable niece, Chloe. We're all excited about her birthday and we made sure that we contribute to this milestone in her young life. Hubby and I took care of the birthday cake :) Birthday theme is Nemo/Under the Sea.

It was a super fun party. The kids (and adults too!) had a blast! They enjoyed the games prepared by my SIL and the food karts which we got from Yanple. By the way the cake, cupcakes and lollies were from Sweets and Cakes. Super thanks to Joyce for accomodating our order (it's Holy Week na kasi eh) and our budget too! Good job Joyce! Chloe had so many gifts that day! Lucky Girl!

As for me, I got wonderful pressies from my loved ones and friends. Among them is a blessed Rosary from the Vatican which i'm super happy to have. Special thanks to our good friends, Malou & Charlie. I have to mention also the food given by my titos & titas especially the Sansrival from Betty's. I so love this! And it was a hit! Ubos agad! Also, the GC's my siblings gave me. I was so excited when I received it. I was able to buy a lot of things, one of which is the 2-Disc Special Edition Twilight DVD! Thanks kiddos! :) And lastly, how can I forget hubby's early birthday pressie.... my new phone!

Thanks so much Hunny!

Oopss! I have a confession to make. I also "gifted" my self with a gift. Actually, this is unexpected and not on my plans but I thought that I deserved it because I have been working so hard for the past year. I found the perfect opportunity to have another "baby" added to my growing "family" through my good friend, J, who was kind enough to get this from me in Milan and brought it all the way home. So, here it is. My newest baby....

LV Monogram Neverfull MM

Thanks Mare for bringing my baby all the way from Europe. Hay naku! I'm officially on purse ban after this talaga! Stop muna promise! :)

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Another year older

Yes, it's my natal day today. Hay.. parang ang tanda ko na hehehe. Anyways, I had a pre-birthday celebration yesterday since today is also the 1st birthday of our cute niece & "inaanak" Chloe, so I decided to give way (since it's her first) and have an early celebration. It was a blast though it's just a simple "salo-salo" with my family and relatives and some close friends here in our home. I just ordered food from CCME (thanks to the MBAP and Jane) and i received a lot of birhtday cakes so dessert wasn't really a problem. It's really nice to spend some quality bonding time with your loved ones especially during celebrations like birthdays. I enjoyed catching up with each other's lives. Everybody's been kinda of busy the past months and i'm glad I pushed through with this simple gathering. I'll post pictures later. But for now, let me take this perfect oppurtunity to say thank you to our Lord above for the blessings He has continuously given me. I thank the Lord for my wonderful husband, my ever supportive and loving family and great friends whom I consider as family na rin.

Will try to post more kwentos and pictures of how my birthday went in the coming days.

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