Sunday, September 06, 2009

On Web Hosting

I started my "love affair" with blogging in 2007 when I stumbled upon a blog site dedicated to the one thing I got crazy about... bags. So, when I learned my way in blogging, I created my own personal blog to chronicle my simple life and my love for bags. Thank goodness for sites like blogger, livejournal and wordpress, new blogger like me was able to set up my own site with their help. You see, creating your blog site is as simple as a,b,c with the help of these wonderful sites. You just need to follow the step by step instruction and voila, you got your own personal site to capture every moment and share to the whole world your thoughts and feelings. I instantly got hooked. I made a lot of new friends also which I am truly happy about. Even if I do not see them physically (some I met in person, by the way) I can honestly say that I am lucky that I have found such nice people. That is why, I try to keep my blog updated all the time but due to my current work load sometimes I kind of neglected it. But when the time permits, I always make it a point to make a post. Through the years that I have been blogging, I upgraded my blog and decided to get my own domain name. Getting one would not be a problem as my current host offers affordable web hosting services. However, just this year I had a problem with my own domain name and for some reason, my site can not be accessed. Thus, I switched back to my old web address and now I am contemplating if I have to get another domain name. But the complexities of getting a new one and diverting it to my old site is quite hard for me. Good thing, there is a site that caters to all my concerns when it comes to webhosting. Good thing there is to deal with all my webhosting problem. New bloggers should check out this very informative website to learn the ropes of the blogging world. I should know. I learned a lot from this site. And one of these days, I will be having my own domain name and web hosting is courtesy of

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Loots from Faye

Before I start my series of posts about our recent Hongkong trip, let me first show you my "loots" from Faye. I got these "babies" a week before our trip (except for the lemon swingpack which I got a month earlier) and what a perfect timing it was as I was able to use my new wallet. So, here are my loots courtesy of my newfound friend online, Faye. Thanks again sis!

The box delivered by LBC (too bad LBC put a lot of tapes around the box)

Coach Pebbled Leather Wallet (Long)

Coach Signature GAllery Tote

Coach Signature Rugby Duff Bag

My growing COACH family (with the Lemon Swingpack which I also used in HKG)

Love, love, love them all!

Can't wait for my next purchase :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

We're Back

... from our short vacation in Hongkong. And boy, it was a super fun one! And very tiring too if I may add. But, it's all part of the adventure and i'm not complaining. In fact, i would love to do it again soon!

Anyways, will try to post our kwento and pictures in the next few days. For now, i'm back to reality and back to work tomorrow :(