Friday, June 15, 2007

Hi all! This is just the first installment of a series of travel diaries from our recent trip to Singapore. I tend to make a short story long so I decided to have my travel "kwento" in parts he he he. Hope you'll enjoy reading this and please be patient for the coming installments as I can be quite "lazy" ha ha ha.... So here it goes....

Day 1 (At the NAIA Terminal 2):

We woke up early at around 4 am to catch our early morning flight to Singapore via PAL. It took me a while to get up coz i slept for almost four hours only due to some last minute packing the night before. Talk about cramming heh! I'm such a "heavy" packer! Gawd, i can't seem to decide what to bring on this trip that's why i ended up bringing almost everything ha ha ha. We just had coffee since we plan to have a light breakfast at the airport and PAL will be serving breakfast on board. We left the house at a little past 5 and reached terminal 2 around 6:30 na!

When we arrived, there are already a lot of passengers checking in so we immediately checked-in our luggage and went straight to immigration desk. It went on smoothly and by 7:15 we were inside waiting to board the plane. While waiting for boarding, we had light breakfast at Delifrance to feed our hungry tummies he he he

We had some time left before boarding, so we just had some pictures taken to pass time (we're such picture freaks!!)...

And also, I was able to window shop at the nearby duty free shops he he he (they are not plenty mind you but what the heck!, it's still "eye candy" for me ha ha ha). I had to control myself from buying since, hello?! i haven't even left the country and yet I want to go shopping na agad ha ha
Before we knew it, it's boarding time already so when our seat numbers were called, we immediately proceeded to the gate that will lead us to the plane. Wohooo! Singapore here we come!!!!
More stories to come.... :) Promise!


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