Tuesday, August 26, 2008

... is already here. Thanks to Globe for finally bringing it here. I've already inquired with Globe and they said that with my existing plan, all I need to do is upgrade to the next plan and pay an additional cash of about 15k minimum. The prepaid kit is quite expensivo (from 37K-45+K) so getting this would be way out of the picture. I'm keen on getting one na but deferred it muna because I'm not sure if I can still consume the upgraded monthly plan and is the iphone 3G worth buying ba talaga? Plus, I have an Ipod touch na which I plan naman to give to hubby if I decided to get an iphone. Any of you have this na or contemplating of having one? PLease, please give me feedbacks as I really want this. Plus, I really need to convince pa my hubby that this phone is worth it talaga.

Help anyone?

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