Monday, June 15, 2009

Time to renovate

Hubby has given the go signal to have our house renovated. Well, not the whole house actually. It is only the ground floor that we need to renovate and convert into a living space. You see, we live in a commercial townhouse unit. The ground level was used by my in-laws as a commercial space for their airconditioning business. We only occupy the second floor and use only the kitchen and dining area downstairs to cook and eat. For years now, the business is no longer active and hubby decided to have it converted to a full livable home complete with a main sala and a bigger and better kitchen and dining area. So, I immediately contacted our Architect friend to start with the planning. Being engineers, we already know more or less what we want for our home especially for our bathroom. We love Bathrooms! When checking in in a hotel, the first thing that we check out is how nice the bathroom. Thus, for our own home, we are looking for beautiful bathroom VANITIES to adorn our designer-inspired bathroom. We hope to have this renovation done by early next year. So, this early we are saving up for it. So wish us luck on this new project.


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