Thursday, September 03, 2009

Loots from Faye

Before I start my series of posts about our recent Hongkong trip, let me first show you my "loots" from Faye. I got these "babies" a week before our trip (except for the lemon swingpack which I got a month earlier) and what a perfect timing it was as I was able to use my new wallet. So, here are my loots courtesy of my newfound friend online, Faye. Thanks again sis!

The box delivered by LBC (too bad LBC put a lot of tapes around the box)

Coach Pebbled Leather Wallet (Long)

Coach Signature GAllery Tote

Coach Signature Rugby Duff Bag

My growing COACH family (with the Lemon Swingpack which I also used in HKG)

Love, love, love them all!

Can't wait for my next purchase :)


  1. Faye said...
    thanks sis! sa uulitin!:) mwah!

    excited ka na sa satchel bag?:) ang daming may gusto nun! hihihi
    Eds said...
    addik!!! hahahaha :)
    Anonymous said...
    Jane said...
    enjoy your new loot!
    Jody said...
    naks, daming bago ah! So what did you get also in HK?
    Jesse Pega said...
    @Faye: excited na ako sis! hahaha! BI ka kasi hehehe thanks again! mwah!

    @Eds: same to you sis! hahaha!

    @MamaS: mas bongga collection mo mare :) see you soon!

    @Jane: Thanks Janey! Love your new YSL Muse bag

    @Jody: Naku, sama nga ng tingin ni hubby when he saw the box, lol. Akala ko "no bag" for me na from HKG. Buti na lang nasa mood si hubby hehehe. Secret muna my "new loot" will reveal soon :) * wink, wink *
    PinayWAHM said...
    All the best in 2010!

    Mommy J
    Priya Kannan said...
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