Sunday, September 30, 2007

My TOP 5 LV Bags

I feel that I have to at least make a post on bags at least once a week as i have self-declared myself to be a baghag. So as a true baghag (a wannabe, if I may add to that).. here goes my top five Louis Vuitton bags that have been "haunting" me for the past months.

1. First on my list is the NEVERFULL PM:
First time I saw this bag on thebaghag's blog, I immediately fell soooo in love with it!! That's why on our trip to Singapore last June, I never failed to catch a glimpse of this beauty at LV's Ngee Ann store as this was not yet available here in Greenbelt that time. Would you believe? I have to fall in line outside the store just to get a look at this bag! There's this policy in SG that they do not allow customers to come in if there are too many customers inside already! You have to wait for your turn and pray that the customers inside will go out na so that you can come in. My Gawd! I haven't experience that here except maybe during Sale season. This bag is just for me. It's big enough to carry all my stuff, it has a beatiful lining that can be reversed though I dont think i'll do that if ever i'll got one, and I love the shape!. One downside maybe is the thin strap of the bag. But nevertheless, I soo love it!

2. The Speedy 30
This bag is one of the iconic bag of LV. It's been around for some time now but I've seen it still carried by baghags. It's a classic and you can never go out of style with one. I also love the speedy in damier azur! aylavit!

3. The Vernis Bedford
I love the Vernis line especially the Bedford. It's like the Monogram Papillon but this one is better! I love the color!

4. The Epi Alma
I'm not really a fan of the Epi line. Well coz it doesn't show much the "monogram logo" (i'm such a brand person he he he). But the Alma is an exemption :)

5. The Damier Azur Keepall 50
I know this is a "travel" bag but I would love to have one. I love travelling and I would love to be seen carrying this stylish luggage while roaming around the airports :)

So, there goes my "wishlist". Such eye candies! For your info, I'm still saving up for my first LV and I hope to get one ASAP! :)


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