Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's raining the whole day. I don't have any complaints though cause I so looove this kind of weather! I just stayed at home the whole day catching up on my blogging (i was kinda "neglecting" my blog if you might notice he he he)... Anyways, we made some plans to have dinner and watch a movie in the evening together with our regular Saturday buddies, Malou & Charlie at Trinoma. We chose to watch "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta-Jones and the very lovable Abigail Breslin. The movie is ok for me. Not too much of romance as I've expected 'coz it's also a family movie with Abigail playing a nice role as Catherine's niece. It's heartwarming to watch this aunt-niece tandem as they go through LIFE'S hardships together. Plus, add a little bit of "kitchen" romance between Zeta and Aaron Eckhart. Over-all, the movie is light and can pass as a "feel good movie" for me :)
After that, we headed off to have coffee at Coffee Bean. We passed by Powerbooks first so that i can buy the latest issue of a showbiz magazine i've been wanting to get since last week pa! You see, i've been seeing a lot of posts from my fave blogs about how this one TOUGH Lady survived the painful truth of falling in love and letting go of the man she thought love her as much as she loved him as revealed in this magazine. Oh well, Malou & I can't wait to read the whole story and so off we did, all 10 pages of it ! (or more i think) I really can't believe these hurtful things can happen to people like her coz I used to believe before that theses stars led a very lucky life. Aside from having a very financially rewarding career, I used to think that they are also free from all the hardships and cruelty that life may bring. But oh well, with what she has gone through just to save her marriage, all I can say is that this Lady has every right to be happy now! I'm not really a fan of her but after reading the article, I saw her not as a star but as a human being trying to get on with her life despite the horrible things that had happened to her that sometime made her think she just wanted to die from so much hurt. And for that, i truly admire her!


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