Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hi everyone!

How's everybody doing? I know I have been neglecting my blog "duties" but I have so much work to do in the office... hay... kakapagod talaga. Much as I want to blog every night, my body would not cooperate as I was too tired from a hard day full of meetings, turn-overs and adjusting to a new office environment.

Anyways, last weekend hubby and I hit the malls, SM North Edsa (it's 3-day sale there!) and Trinoma. From the sale, I was able to snag 3 tops from Giordano and 2 from Chocolate Clothing Company. From Trinoma naman, I was able to convince hubby to get me that Kenneth Cole Bag i've been eyeing for quite some time now. So, I went home very happy with my loots plus extra bonus the bag I got from Kenneth Cole. I'm one happy baghag *wink* *wink*.

Tomorrow, i'll be on leave. It's my BIL and his lovely fiancee, R's wedding and i'll stand in for one of the ninang who can't make it tomorrow. We're all excited for tomorrow's event. We all know how hard the couple prepared for this special day and we're just so happy for them. TO R & R, Best Wishes and COngratulations!! We love you both :)

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  1. mm said...
    congrats jesse nice bag!=)
    Pat said...
    nice bag, jesse!

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