Saturday, November 08, 2008

Late Halloween Recap

Hello there! Sorry if I wasn't able to update this blog for the past days because i've been pre-occupied with a lot of things lately, mostly work related. Anyhow, let me just share some pictures last weekend:

We had a fun Halloween Costume Party last Oct. 31. I dressed up as the "Snow Queen" hehehe while my siblings, cousins and even some of my titos and titas were in their best costumes like cleopatra, dracula, monster, the joker, witch, scary preggy lady, carlito (the wrestler), sailor moon, fairy and many more. We had a blast so we decided for another costume party this time on New Year's eve! Here are some of our crazy pictures:

We weren't able to go to visit my mom's tomb last Nov. 1 due to heavy rains. My Dad was trying to convince us to go even in the afternoon but we told him huwag na lang muna because mahihirapan lang siya. I told him we'll just go on Nov. 2 instead. But my brothers together with some of my cousins and relatives went to check on my mom's and grandparents tomb to bring flowers and light candles. So, on Nov.2 after hearing mass, we all trooped to the memorial park and said our prayers to our beloved departed loved ones:

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  1. Steve Ballmer said...
    Excellent blogging people!
    Jacqui Co-Soriano said...
    Hi Jesse,

    I love family parties!! especially if game lahat to dress-up! :) Your family looks they had so much fun dressing up! hahahah! kaka-aliw :)

    btw, something for you here

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