Friday, October 31, 2008

Need help on lyrics

Has anyone seen the La Diva performance during GMA's "Experience GMA" show last Sunday Oct. 26? It was my first time to see these girls perform and boy! was I surprised to find out they sing very, very well! Love their voices especially the blending. Galing! Plus the songs they sang were all my favorites (Sometime, Somewhere, Never Say Goodbye and this song that i've been wanting to know the lyrics ever since I heard it sang by a singer, Now that you're gone). Anyone who knows the lyrics of Now that you're gone and who sang the original please, please give me a copy and let me know. I fell in love with the song just like I did when I first heard Sometime, Somewhere. All I know is that is an OPM song but I can't find out who the original singer is. Check at this link to see the La Dive's great performance:

La Diva on Experience GMA..

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