Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Christmas LVoe

I found LVoe this Christmas (courtesy of hubby, of course)

Take a lookie :).....

Thanks Hunny for this wonderful pressy.

Will post about my new "LVoe" story and our Christmas 2008 later. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas :)

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  1. marie said...
    Happy New year! Hope you'll have more LoVe/s to come. Sana ako din!
    Jacqui Co-Soriano said...
    hi jesse,

    waahhh..di ko ma-view yun 3rd pix. Ano laman? na-intriga na ako! hahaha! ano ba ito pressy bag from hubby? hehehe! ako na-excite eh!

    Happy New Year Jesse! Here's wishing you more LVs to come pa! hahaha!:)
    Jesse Pega said...
    Hi Marie! Happy New Year too! I really hope to have at least 2 new LVoe this year hehehe (depende sa aking hubby :) I'm saving up for a "possible" new LVoe by April, my birthday month.
    Jesse Pega said...
    HI Jacqui! Happy, happy New Year!!!

    Hay.. don't worry if you weren't able to view the third pic because it is still a picture of the box hahaha. I haven't got the time to upload the "baby" inside the box because we were in Laguna the whole time and we only arrived tonight. Tomorrow, I will reveal na what's inside.

    Yes, it's a Christmas pressy from hubby :) Hay naku, wish ko rin more LV's to come. wish lang naman eh di ba? hehehe nagpaparinig na ulit kay hubby hahaha!
    Tinggay said...
    congrats congrats!! :)
    mm said...
    happy new yr!!! congrats bait naman ni hubby what's inside???

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