Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A-Z Tag

Pat and Tet got me tagged with this. Thanks sisters!

A. Attached or single ? — attached
B. Best friend? — has to be my hubby, but i've got lots of girl bestfriends
C. Cake or pie? — cake
D. Day of choice? — saturday
E. Essential item? — lipstick, phones, lipbalm
F. Favorite color? — pink and yellow
G. Gummy bears or worms - gummy bears, definitely!
H. Hometown? — QC and Sta. Cruz, Laguna
I. Favorite indulgence (s)? — anything chocolate, reading, shopping, spas
J. January or July? — January
K. Kids? — none yet
L. Life isn’t complete without? — God and my family (same with Mandy and Pat)
M. Marriage date ? — June 16
N. Number of magazine subscriptions? - i dont have subscriptions but i never fail to buy at least 6 magazines a month. Now, do you think i should subscribe na lang? :)
O. Orange or apple? — orange
P. Phobias? — snakes, height
Q. Quotes? — Everything happens for a reason
R. Reasons to smile? — my family and all my other blessings (same with Pat)
S. Season of choice? — Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Period.
T. Tag 5 people - MM, Mich, Jody, Abie, Jacqui
U. Unknown fact about me? - I'm such a cry baby :)
V. Vegetable? — tomato?
W. Worst habit? — manana, sometimes :)
X. X-ray or ultrasound? - Ultrasound
Y. Your favorite food(s)? - steak
Z. Zodiac sign — aries

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  1. mm said...
    jesse, ill snag this sana tag mo na pala me =)btw same tyo ng wedding date
    Jacqui Co-Soriano said...
    hi jesse,

    Like MM, I'm suppose to snag this from you ... na-tag mo pala kami! hahaha! I saw it na lang sa letter T question name ko. hahaha!

    uyyy, super like ko din yan neverfull MM damier bag. why? kasi red yun lining nya! saw up close and personal damier bag, tried it on yesterday...ang ganda ng loob! hahaha! love the contrast of dark brown and red lining! Nilagay ko din sa wishlist ko yan :)

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