Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anniversary Dinner

Hubby and I had a simple dinner at HEAT in Edsa Shangri-la Hotel to celebrate our 6th Wedding Anniversary. Well, what can I say but I super LVoe the buffet spreads at Heat! I think there are more than 10 sections. I had the time of my life as I was able to eat a lot of my favorite food including steak and salads. The dessert buffet is soooo yummy especially the teppanyaki ice cream. LVoe it!! It was our first time in HEAT and I think we're coming back for more. We use to go there when it was still called the Garden Cafe but now that we've tried HEAT, we love it even more!

Sorry, no picture of us because we're just too busy eating, lol.

Btw, guess who were dining also that night? It was the beautiful Lucy Torres-Gomez with her equally cute daughter, Juliana! Lucy sans makeup is really beautiful I tell you. I didn't realized she's that tall pala. Her group (she came with her two brothers) were seated next to us so imagine us making side glances while eating, hahaha.

Anyways, we went home right after dinner as we're so full already and didn't have enough space for a night cap anymore as what we originally planned.

It was a simple dinner made extra special by good food, nice conversation and celebrity sighting :)

Oh, I almost forgot, was able to take a look at what bag Lucy was carrying that night...... well, what else can it be.......... it was an LV MAHINA XXL in Grey. LVOE IT!!

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  1. Shimumsy said...
    happy anniv with matching star gazing pa ha!ohhh, she has that LV..well...
    Jody said...
    When I saw your post without reading it till the end, akala ko gift sa iyo ng hubby mo ang LV Mahina XXL! Nalaglag ako sa upuan ko! hahaha. Kay Lucy Torres pala. I honestly can't afford that bag! Bwahahaha
    Bibili na lang ako ng rolex. hehehe.

    Anyway, happy anniversary. Glad you had a blast in HEAT.
    Jane said...
    happy anniv jesse!

    grabe i got hungry with your post. and love the bag too. super mahal nga lang. chanel bag na din yun! i have seen several of lucy's pics sa mags carrying that bag. fave niya siguro yan now hehe
    Jesse Pega said...
    Shimumsy: Thanks sis!

    Jody: Wish ko lang sa akin yung Mahina, lol! Thanks for the greeting :)

    Jane: Thanks Janey! Well, with that kind of bag and with that kind of price, i'll definitely use it more often! LVoe it!

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