Thursday, June 05, 2008

Is this true?!!

Sorry but i really have to post this. I snag this one from Jacqui because I wanted to try it out myself. I'm kinda expecting a different result since I know that i'm not really that "fit". So imagine my surprise when I got this result....

Your Weight is Ideal

Your BMI is 24.2 - a healthy BMI falls between 18.5 and 25

Congratulations, you are the perfect weight for your height.

Even though you may not be entirely happy with your weight, you are healthy.

So gain or lose a few pounds if you want, but don't go too crazy!

Don't agree? Blame the government standards we based this test on!

Totoo ba ito? I did not cheat ha! Promise! I guess I just need to continue my workouts (thanks to our HR who has been organizing free aero/yoga/cardio sessions) and concentrate on my body parts that need attention (ah hello bulging tummy, belly and love handles, you really have to go..). I'll watch na rin cguro what I eat. And lots of water! I plan to lose at least 5 pounds minimum eh. So, I think this result is a good sign, don't you think?


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