Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hubby's E.R. experience

I have to rush hubby to the E.R. of St. Luke's this morning because he has been nursing a persistent cough since last week and he felt weak. Also, his BP has shoot up to 160/100 yesterday at work that's why he went home in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day resting. This morning as we are preparing to go to work, he felt weak again so we decided to go the hospital and took the day off from work. I drove all the way to the hospital, good thing I know how already because I don't want hubby to drive if he's not feeling well. I realized now that learning how to drive was a good decision after all.

We arrived at the hospital around 8:00 in the morning and immediately went to the E.R. I filled up the standard form for patient info and the resident emergency doctor immediately check on hubby. He instructed a CBC and chest x-ray for hubby and we waited for the results for about an hour. His BP has slightly gone down to 140/100, he has no fever but still felt "nanghihina". The results arrived and the doctor told us that he has a viral infection which is common nowadays and a slight finding in his chest xray suggestive of PTB! I was shocked when I heard that and had to ask the doctor to repeat what he said. I was aware that hubby has a persistent cough since last week but for him to have a disease such as PTB, i'm having a hard time to believe that. All his tests seemed ok so the doctor allowed him to be discharged but hubby was given plenty of medicines to take. The doctor also suggested a visit to the Pulmonologist to check on the findings at his xray. Since we took the whole day off and I was a little worried about that "finding", I immediately sought the opinion of a Pulmo since where also in the hospital vicinity na rin. Good thing there's an accredited Pulmonologist of Maxicare available so we rush to the specialist to have it checked. Good thing na lang din, the findings were not that remarkable or suggestive of the dreaded disease. The pulmo said that it's indeed a viral infection and what hubby had was a case of allergy. He then administer a new set of medicines for hubby to take such as nasal decongestant and for allergies. Hay salamat it's not what we thought it was. I double check again with the Pulmo if we have nothing to worry about his chest xray and he firmly said NO. After hearing that, I had a heavy sigh of relief. Thank Goodness!

We just got home. Hubby's taking his much needed rest. Tomorrow, we have to get back to work, or for me at least. I just have to share with you this experience lang and wish everybody good health. Ang hirap magkasakit talaga!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Get well soon Al. It's the weird weather! The kids and I were all sick two weeks ago also.
    mace said...
    im glad nothing serious. uso talaga to get sick now a days so dapat extra careful.

    take care!
    mm said...
    good thing its just an allergy
    Jesse Pega said...
    Steph, Macy and MM:

    Thanks ladies for the warm wishes. Grabe uso talaga ang sakit nowadays. So we have to be extra careful.

    Stay safe and healthy you all!
    Gracie said...
    thank God it's not anything major! i wish your hubby well.

    take care...and good job on getting your own driver's license :)
    Jesse Pega said...
    Hi Gracie!

    Buti na lang talaga it's nothing serious but still kakatakot to have a sick loved one. Take care too!
    Kelly said...
    good thing it wasn't anything serious! hope he's in perfect health!
    Jesse Pega said...
    Thanks Kelly! Buti na lng talaga. But we're extra careul now especially with what he eats :)

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