Thursday, October 02, 2008

I'm Crazy over this.....


After Gossip Girl (and while waiting for season 2), this is the one I am crazy about (and even hubby would you believe?). We've been OTH fans since season 1 but during season 4 airing we kind of turned our attention to Grey's Anatomy (which we also love by the way) I guess we had enough of OTH's high school drama in season 4 that's why we kind of lose interest. When we got hold of season 5 dvd, oh boy! how glad we were that we did! The story line is so interesting that we got glued to the TV for more almost 12 hours!? straight!!! That's why we never got the chance to left our house last Wednesday which was a holiday. If you guys know us, a holiday means a day in the mall, lol. But thanks to OTH, we stayed home the whole day and watched OTH till the wee hours of the morning! We could not just turn it off as the story goes interesting every episode! Wow! One thing I like about OTH is that is a continuing story like GG so you look forward to the next episode after seeing one.

We just finished season 5 and i'm looking forward to season 6 which I heard will be more exciting and more "kilig" moments will happen with my favorite couple, Lucas and Peyton. And how did I know, you might ask? Weel, you sure bet I researched the coming episodes with the help of TV.COM!!!

I Love OTH!

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  1. Tinggay said...
    uy, san kayo nakabili ng season 5 dvd?
    Jesse Pega said...
    Nikki, I got it thru my "suki" in Metrowalk :) you know what I mean :)

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