Thursday, October 16, 2008

Over the limit

We just learned tonight, after we got home, that the result of hubby's last blood examination was not really good. Actually my mother-in-law who got the result from the hospital earlier today broke the bad news to us through text. Hubby's bad cholesterol level as well as his SGPT is extremely high as in double than the average or normal number. This got me worried because SGPT is related to one's liver condition. I was just wondering how did this happen considering that hubby already stop taking medicines to lower down the cholesterol level (this has been causing increase in the SGPT and bad for the liver) for months now. To be safe, my mother-in-law suggested we go visit a gastro-enterologist (did I get that right ba) to further check and interpret the test result. This is alarming considering that hubby's is still young and I wouldn't want him to have complications such as liver disease like hepatitis or worst, even a sudden heart attack (God forbid!) due to this irregularities. A family friend who just had heart attack need to have a Implantable cardioverter defibrillator in order for him to survive. I would not want that to happen to any of my family member, friends or loved-ones. That's why it's important to watch what we it. And i'll definitely implement a diet for hubby so that we won't get the same results over and over again.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Mare, tumatanda na si Al. Actually pinapatawa lang kita pero it's true that at our age, we should start watching what we eat. Kayang kaya niyo yan.
    Jesse Pega said...
    Thanks mare! Hay naku iba na talaga nga. We're not getting any younger. Dapat extra careful nga ngayon.

    Btw, I miss you guys na. Kelan kayo uwi Laguna?
    Jean Marie said...
    hi jesse. I think I have the same condition with your husband. Worst pa yata. LoL. My SGPT & SGOT is 7x higher than the normal. I took meds for liver for like 4 monthsthen my doctor asked me to lessen my cholesterol intake. My liver es enlarged kasi than the normal size eh. Fatty liver daw but now, I am okay, 2x higher na lang SGPT ko from normal. :-)
    Jesse Pega said...
    hi jean!

    si hubby has fatty liver din. the doctor has instructed us to have some more test done just to rule out lang other probable cause of high sgpt such as hepa test. We already had it done last saturday but we are yet to see the results. Hopefully, everything will turn out normal. diet lang and healthy eating talaga is the key. Kung pwede nga change in lifestyle di ba? hope you'll be okay na rin :)

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