Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My BE Bare Minerals Kit is here!

Thanks to Jody I was able to grab hold of my first BE makeup and it's the Bare Minerals Starter Kit no less! Got this from Jody and she was kind enough to meet me last night (even if she has to stay late and wait for me while I finish a meeting). We met in Podium (which is near my office) and there Jody taught me how to properly use the BE starter kit. It was my first time to meet Jody in person and i'm quite amazed with this lovely lady. Not only is she warm and friendly, she's also fun to talk with and very kind and accomodating even taught me how to apply the mineral makeup and gave me tips on how to achieve the "barely there makeup" look. Thanks, thanks again sis! That's so sweet of you :) And thanks also for the "racket" tips and of course, for telling me all about your "C"! I'll definitely go to Libis one of this days, lol.

Anyways, here's my starter kit which I was surprised to find a lot of stuff inside when I opened it (makeups and brushes and a How-to DVD). It was really worth buying!

the box

what's inside

I promised Jody I will post on my "transformation" :) I have yet to try it but I will definitely let you know guys how it went. I just hope i'll be able to put it on the right way or else, I might ask Jody again on how to do it hahaha.

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  1. Jody said...
    Hello Jesse! Nice to meet you also in person. Did you watch na the DVD? You'll get a lot of tips there. No problem re the wait. Ey, katuwa naman comment mo about me. Palakpak tenga ako! hehehe.

    If you have other questions, let me know. please post a picture of yourself once nagamit mo na ha!

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