Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Review

Sigh... tomorrow will be the start of another busy week. Good thing though, Wednesday, was declared as a special non-working holiday. Yipee! Anyways, before I get caught up with work tomorrow, let me share with you how I spent this weekend:

Friday night: was spent with hubby and good friends, Malou & Charlie at Powerplant Mall. We had dinner at Pepper Lunch. It was our first time to try PL. We've been trying to dine there since the time it opened however the long lines turned me off. I haven't had the patience to wait in line especially with a hungry stomach, lol. Good thing, our friends arrived early and were able to save a table for us and order na rin since we're also scheduled to watch Eagle Eye later that evening. I love Pepper Lunch! I will definitely go back there hopefully when the lines not that too long na.

Saturday: we went to a birthday party held at TGIF Trinoma. The birthday celebrant was the son of a former colleague and friend from Moldex. It was his first bday and a joyous one I must say. It was also a perfect time to reunite with old friends whom I haven't seen for quite sometime now. After the party, I met up with my siblings who were also there at the mall and we just stroll around and catch up on each other's lives.

Sunday: sad to say, I missed a family event in Laguna. My whole family and relatives were there celebrating the birthdays of my two titas. I wasn't able to go home because I have to finish a lot of take home work plus I only learned about the happening at such a short notice so I wasn't able to fix my schedule. Oh well, next time I promise to be present na. Anyway, hubby and I had our monthly facials at Bioessence. I had the Oxygen Facial (which felt so good by the way) and hubby got the Purifying Facial. It was a very relaxing sunday afternoon. We finished at around 8PM. Just in time for the Singapore Grand Prix Night Race which I have been waiting since last week. The race was full of drama! Fernando Alonso of team Renault won the race alongside with Nico Rosberg of Williams and No.1 Lewis Hamilton of Maclaren who finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively. It was an exciting race especially since it was the first ever night race and the first ever held at Singapore. How I wish I was there watching the whole shebang live.

Over all, it was a good weekend spent with loved ones and friends.

How about your weekend guys?

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  1. marie said...
    oooooohhhh....we might have bumped in at Rockwell last Friday, I was there with my cousins but we dined at Zaifu.
    Vina said...
    hi jesse! what are the best orders in pepper lunch? i'm also interested in getting a facial. mahal ba sa bioessence?
    Arlene Tabamo said...
    wow ang busy ng week end... ako naman i was wishing for a good massage last sunday.. need to recharge for the week ahead :)
    Jesse Pega said...
    Marie, baka nga! hahaha anyways, ok din ba sa Zaifu?
    Jesse Pega said...
    Hi Vina! Sarap sa pepper lunch. I tried the beef pepper rice yata. it's so good! You should try it :)
    Jesse Pega said...
    Vina, Bioessence pala in terms of price is okay. parang mas mura lang ng kaunti sa belo. Depende sa facial service that you'll get.
    Jesse Pega said...
    Hi Arlene! Go na for the massage! You deserve it!

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