Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time to go wireless

My brother and I were just talking the other day about his plans to get into an online business. You see, he's a graphic artist and a very good one at that (i'm sorry if I have to brag about that, i'm one proud sistah :)) Anyways, his plan is to accept design works through the internet and most of the dealings will be done online. So, he told me that he might get a more faster internet provider to accomodate all his business requirements.

Being the supportive sister, I helped him look for the best provider we have around here on this side of the planet. And maybe, by the end of this month or early next month, his business will be ready and online. He also got himself a wireless router from Shopwiki which will allow him and my other siblings to have internet connection within the proximity of their home. My siblings are all tech savvy and having this one at home will surely make them all happy.

If you are a tech savvy too you might want to check out Shopwiki for more interesting stuff you can only find. It's a great place to go shopping where you can find everything for sale.

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