Monday, September 08, 2008

The Shoe Tag

Another super late tag from Jacqui. THanks sis! Love doing this!

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What’s your shoe size? Are your feet the same size as your mom’s feet? How about your sister’s feet? Can you borrow shoes from each other?

Post a picture of your latest shoe buy. Tag the number of women of your shoe size, i.e. size 5 = tag 5 friends. Don’t forget to drop a line in this blog when you’re done.

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My Shoe size is 6.5 to 7. Im about the same size as my sister so you could just imagine how I used to borrow her shoes when I was still single and living with her. My mom's size is a little bit smaller. I'm not really a shoe fiend but I appreciate a good shoe when I see one. I love wearing pumps and most of the time, flat shoes. I seldom wear high heels but I do when I need to. I love the brands Zara, Janylin, Nine West and Florsheim for my everyday use. I wish to own a Tory Burch flats someday. And of course, a Jimmy or a Manolo would be the ultimate shoe for me.

My latest purchase of shoe wear is not actually a shoe but a limited edition Laura Mercier Havaianas from Saks 5th Avenue. I got this online through my best friend who sell them. This is the Laura Mercier Havies straight from the courier:

I'm supposed to tag 7 people so here it goes: Kelly, Marie, Tet, Eds, Mich, Em, and Vina.

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  1. mm said...
    hi jesse, how much buy mo from ur friend? i bought the limited blue one la na kse me size w/ the white laura sayang=)
    Jesse Pega said...
    Hi MM. I got it for 1.1K :) How about you? how much did u get it?
    mm said...
    nyek mahal naman dto mo get sa multiply seller ba? i got it at saks mismo pinabuy ko k sa cousin in law w/ shipping sa US 8.50 lng
    Jody said...
    I heart the slippers!
    Jesse Pega said...
    mm: mahal ba? oh well, i got it from a good friend eh :( yes through her multiply site

    jody: thanks! i heart it too!

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