Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update on Weekend plans..

Just an update...

I wasn't able to go anywhere else today nor do anything on my weekend to-do list except to watch too much of this....

It's so addicting! I swear! I'm now on the season 1 finale and every episode for me is exciting!

I realized how much i hate it when little Jenny is slowly becoming a social climber. Why does she wants to belong to that circle anyhow? Oh well, peer pressure I guess.

Of course, I get "kilig" everytime there's a lily and rufus encounter (to think they're already parents of 17-year old kids),

Then, there's Serena and Dan (who's relationship was shaken by serena's secret),

and surprisingly, Blair and Chuck. I love these two together, never mind if they have their wild sides. I love seeing them together. I think they deserve each other hahaha. Honestly, I get more "kilig" from Blair-Chuck than Dan-Serena. I like the way CHuck "reacts" when ever he see Blair with another guy. The guy has deep feelings for the girl but just too damn proud to admit it. Tsk tsk tsk

I super dooper hate Georgina Sparks! As in! Grrr!

Hay... one more episode to go and i'm off to season 2. Good thing my sister in law has already downloaded for me the first two episodes of season 2. Can't wait to see it.


Gossip Girl :)

I like how hubby reacts everytime I say this tag line. Ang kulit ko daw! Mukha na akong si GG.

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  1. Arlene Tabamo said...
    got hooked with GG too when i had a two weeks vacation.. kaso i did not finish the season 1... hay kaka-addict talga sya :)
    mm said...
    i so love Gossip Girl grabe im still waiting for the season 2 on dvd hehehe pirated tagal nga eh kainis
    mace said...
    you will love season 2...i do. i have watched all 4 episodes already. finish season 1 na and start with season 2 agad. teehee.
    Jesse Pega said...
    Hi arlene!

    Sobrang addicting talaga!vWould you believe I slept at aaround 2 am because of GG?! Hay puyat ako promise!

    HI MM!

    Im done with season 1 and already season 2. love it! watch na season 2 girl!

    Hi Mace!

    Done with season 1 already! excited ako super that's why watch agad ako season 2 ep. 1. looking forward to the next episodes!

    xoxo, jesse
    mm said...
    hey san kyo nag watch ng season 2? download from computer ba? wait ko ung dvd nw sa you tube lng me watch paputol putol kainis

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