Thursday, September 25, 2008


Congratulations to the Ateneo Blue Eagles for winning the UAAP Men's Basketball Championship.

They truly deserve it. Even though i'm rooting for my alma mater, La Salle (where I took up my Master's and where I met my hubby who's my classmate back then), I know from the very start that Ateneo will take home the crown. They're such a strong team to beat!

Anyways, La Salle will always be special to me. But I also have a special spot for Ateneo because I have a lot of Atenean friends plus my cousins' studied there, I pass by their Katipunan campus everyday on my way to work and someday, I have this crazy idea that when I have a son of my own, he'll go to the Ateneo from pre-school to college! much to chagrin of my hubby, who's a true blue La Sallian! lol!

It was a great season and i'm looking forward to next year where I hope to see my other alma mater, my beloved UST, in the finals naman. But for now, it's Ateneo's moment so I have to give it to them. GO ATENEO!

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