Saturday, July 19, 2008

The ABC of Fashion

I love this tag from MM. THanks sis!

Fashion fade, style is eternal. --- Yves Saint Laurent

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A: What accessories do you wear everyday?
*** my pearl earrings and watch

B: What is your beauty routine?
*** in the morning, brush my teeth, put Lotion (Kiehl's) sometimes body oil (Neurogena) if my skin is super dry, do make-up usually in the car on my way to work, put mosturizer with sunblock (olay), concealer (Laura Mercier), powder foundation (MAC or VMV), Blush (Nars), Lipstick and Lip gloss (Paul and Joe and Laura Mercier. in the evening, wash my face with facial foam (ponds)and put some eye cream (clinique)

C: What was the last item of clothing (for yourself) that you purchased?
*** a cardigan from GAP

D: Do you use a dresser, closet, or both?

E: What type of earrings are in your ears right now?
***none, im about to sleep na eh

F: What type of figure do you have?
***pear-shaped type

G: Do you wear glasses?

H: What type of handbag do you carry?
***I usually carry classic, big totes for office.

I: What is your ideal style?
***contemporary classic

J: What jewelry are you wearing right now?
***none, about to sleep na nga eh hehehe

K: Do you wear knee-hi stockings?
***i used to before back in college hahaha. now, no more never!

L: Do you *have* to wear matching lingerie?
***not really but sometimes I do

M: Do you wear makeup?
***yes, but light makeup only for office

N: Do you wear nightgowns?
***no, just shirts and shorts

O: What outerwear do you put on when going out on a typical winters day?
***love to wear winter clothes sana but no winter here

P: What is your favorite perfume?
***Emporio Armani, Clinique Happy, Lacoste Pink

Q: Is your motto “quality over quantity” when it comes to clothing and accessories?
***quality but before I used to think otherwise :) im a wise shopper now hehehe

R. Do you wear rain boots?
***when i was a kid

S: Do you wear socks or slippers when your feet get cold?

T: Do you have a set of travel luggage?
***no, i just borrow from my MIL :)

U: What is your daily uniform?
***for work: blouse, nice trousers or skirt, jacket/cardigan/blazer

V: If you are married, did you wear a veil with your wedding dress? If not, how did you do your hair?
***yes i wore a cathedral veil and my hair was up (french chignon)

W: Do you wear a watch?
***yes all the time

X: What item of clothing always makes you feel extremely beautiful?
***clothes that flatters my body even with its imperfections, lol

Y: What is your favorite type of yarn?
***no idea

Z: Do you prefer zippers or buttons?
***buttons for blouses, zippers for jeans

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