Wednesday, July 02, 2008

my new love

I've always loved (and oftenly use) big, roomy bags. However, when I saw this "cutie", I could not resist!....... I have to get this!..... and I did!

Coach Min SG Duff Wristlet in Sand/Tan

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  1. Eds said...
    uyyy buti kapa afford mo mga Coach's and LV's sis! Sana ako din heheh :)

    btw, ang cute ng bag sis! ;)
    Shiela said...
    nice one.

    sorry nga pala dun sa tag ko dati. i did not noticed. antanga ko no? :)
    Jesse Pega said...
    eds: sis, wristlet lang sya kaya na-afford ko hahaha. i love it too!

    shiela: thanks! no worries about the tag :)
    SWITTOOTH said...
    sis! love the new bag :)
    mm said...
    hi jesse, congrats sa new bag=)
    Tinggay said...
    so cute jesse! did you get it online? bihira yung ganitong color combination - i have the same wristlet but in all black. ilang taon ko na atang ginagamit na wallet hahahaha! :)

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