Tuesday, July 01, 2008

powerplant mall sale

Hi everyone! So, how's your weekend? Mine was busy as always.

Last Saturday, we attended the wedding of my office mate and good friend, Leo in Sta. Rita, Pampanga. It was a nice wedding and the couple prepared a very entertaining dance number for their first dance! It was a hit and everybody loved it! Also, hubby is one of the principal sponsor (his first) but he's not that old, mind you ha?

Last Sunday, we were able to catch the last day sale of the Powerplant Mall-wide sale. I wasn't aware of this and it was hubby who told me about it since he had lunch there last friday with his boss. So, off we go to Rockwell on a lazy sunday afternoon hoping to find some "good" stuff (read "on sale items", lol). When we got there, the mall is already full-packed! I saw quite a lot of nice items from Mango and Lacoste but decided to just come back later to check out other stores. We got caught up in Zara, the place is jampacked! We spent around an hour there yata. Sobrang dami ng tao! Hubby was able to score nice polos for work and I only got a pair of trousers and sweat pants! Jeez! Anyways, we hear mass right after and then proceeded to Tyler. Glad I went there! I was able to snag a nice leather tote in coffee color (i'm loving it right now!) and an office jacket. Had dinner at Dulcinea after (we wanted to try out Pepper Lunch sana but the line's just too long for me!)and then went home tired but happy with my loot :)

Btw, all my loot is courtesy of my hubby! thanks hunny!

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  1. mm said...
    hi jesse wow shopping day ah dya have YM ba? ill ask about sana about domain eh
    marie said...
    ay, di tayo nagkita, sayang!

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