Wednesday, July 09, 2008


.....of not having any update since Monday.

.....of not doing your tags on time.

.....of "abandoning" this blog for a while.

Hay.... I miss blogging but with my work load now and the on-going consolidation of the companies i'm working for and the pending transfer of office from one building to another, I don't have the luxury of time to blog. *Sigh* *Sad :(*

Hopefully, things will turn out okay in the next couple of days. My blogging schedule will return to normal *i hope, keeping my finger crossed * and I would be happy again, lol. Not that im lonely but the truth is blogging is something that gives me great pleasure *naks!*

So hope you guys will be more patient. If you don't see any update, please don't fret hehehe and do comeback for more.. thanks for all your tag. I'll do them all promise!

Hope everyone's doing well :)


Mood: Busy Grrrrr!

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  1. Jody said...
    Istorbo talaga ang trabaho sa blogging ano? Hehehe!

    Eto, para ganahan award for you. Thanks for the usual drop ha.

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