Friday, July 11, 2008

A tag of Four

Thanks for this tag Eds.

What you are supposed to do…and please don’t spoil the fun…Click copy/paste, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 4 people in your lists! Join in!

(A) Four places I go over and over:

- Malls!
- Home in Q.C.
- Home in Laguna
- Ortigas Area for work

(B) Four people who e-mail me regularly:

pwede ba to? :)
- Net-a-porter
- Neiman Marcus
- Eluxury
- Kate Spade

(C) Four of my favorite places to eat?

- Mcdo
- Tender Bobs
- Dulcinea
- Recently, Heat at Edsa Shangri-la

(D) Four places you’d rather be?

- Home (in Q.C. & Laguna)
- Hongkong & Singapore (for shopping ;))
- U.S. & Canada (to visit relatives)
- Malls pa rin!

E) Four people I think will respond:

- Shimumsy
- MM
- Jade
- Jody

(F) Four TV shows I could watch over and over:

- Gossip Girl
- One Tree Hill
- Friends

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  1. Shimumsy said...
    got a tag here. thanks jess. i'll let you know when it's up.

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