Monday, July 28, 2008

New stuff from sugar and spice!

Hey everyone!

How's everybody doing? Well, if you'll ask me, I've been busy as a bee this past few days (I think weeks pa nga eh). Tons of work (as in!!), my new online biz (check out and my newly-acquired driving skills (naks! im a certified A-1 trained driver wohoo! wink * wink *) were the things that made me busy most of the time. Hay... I miss blogging na nga. I haven't done any of your tags, which by the way, i'm super grateful to those who continuously tag me even if I post them at a much later time. Please forgive me for this. But I promise that I will do all your tags soon!! Promise ko Yan!

In the meantime, since rainy days are still much around, please check out some cute hoodies and jackets on Your kids will surely be protected against rain in a fashionable way!!

Here's a sample,

Watch out for more stuff from Gymboree, RL, Old Navy and Havaianas

See you around!

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