Wednesday, March 19, 2008

All about me

Tagged by Jane. Thank you for this sis!

Here’s more about ME.

I AM… a registered Civil Engineer.

I WANT… to have my own business, soon.

I HAVE… a lovings and supportive husband.

I WISH… my mom's still here with us, miss her terribly :(

I HATE… pressure! Period!

I FEAR… of losing a loved one.

I SEARCH… for a perfect work bag these days!

I WONDER… what kind of a mother will I be should God grant us a little angel - a strict and over protective parent or a strict and over-protective parent, lol. Need I say more? :)

I REGRET… not drinking too much water. Now, I have stones in both my kidney and bladder :( But it's not too late to try, eh?

I LOVE… to travel!

I ALWAYS… look forward to meeting up with loved ones & friends and having a great time with them.

I AM NOT… much of a vegetable eater but will try this year to eat more.

I DANCE… very seldom but would love to learn ballroom dancing someday.

I SING… very well, naks yabang!

I CRY… easily as in! I'm such a cry baby, lol.

I WRITE… occasionally lang. For my blog, mostly.

I WON… a DVD Player last Christmas! And I felt so happy, lol.

I AM CONFUSED… whether to get a facial or a hot oil treatment tomorrow. Teehee.

I NEED… to go back to my O.B. for another round of work-up :(

I SHOULD… stop bloghopping during office hours or i'll be swamped with backlogs, lol.

THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… thanking God for all the blessings He has given and continously giving me and my family.

Mind sharing a part of you Darlene, Macy, Peachy, Ricca and Trinity.

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  1. Jane said...
    thanks for doing the tag jesse!

    sana nga magka baby ka na.... in time girl...

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