Sunday, March 02, 2008

it was a busy night

Last night, I was able to attend two parties despite the heavy traffic caused by the big rally in Makati. The first party was held in Paranaque and it was the birthday celebration of our General Manager, ECS. You see, her birthday is a big deal to us cause it only happens every four years technically, right? So, her closest chums made sure that this day would be extra special. And indeed it was! Every one had a good time. The food was great courtesy of Conti's. We left the office at around 4:30 in the afternoon and made it to Paranaque before 6PM. But the party wasn't in full swing until around 8PM. I think we're all kinda hungry that time teehee! We left at around 9PM (read: tumakas kami, eat and run, lol) to go naman to the Despidida Party of our 2 officemates in one of the KTV Bars in Metrowalk. Everybody's waiting for us na when we arrived there around 10 so we didn't waste any more time and started singing na right away! It was a fun-filled night full of surprises, fun and laughter. I'm glad I was able to unwind a little bit as i've been kinda stress lately. Good times with friends is really cool!

Anyways, I've got lots of awards and tags to work on so thank you so much all for always remembering me. Have a nice weekend everyone.

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