Monday, March 17, 2008

Busy, busy Saturday

I had a very interesting day yesterday. After my visit to the hospital for my scheduled xray and my failed visit to my urologist (because the results of my xray will not be available until monday), hubby and I decided to check out the on-going sale at ROBINSON'S GALLERIA. Surprisingly, the mall is not that packed with shoppers. Maybe we're just used to the crowd during sale season at SM malls wherein people are "bumper-to-bumper". I've always love going to a Robinson's sale. It's not too crowded and in fairness, the items on sale are pretty good. In fact, I was able to snag a few items which I am totally loving right now. Good thing my hubby was in shopping mode that time so I was able to make "hirit" for these items....

A nice satchel bag from Nine West (not on sale though, new arrival kase) and cutie pair of Lacoste shoes (@ 30% off!) Not Bad, eh?

After a very tiring shopping time at the mall (by the way, hubby got himself a pair of Lacoste shoes too and some items to add to his wardrobe), we had a quick merienda at Figaro and then proceeded to get a much deserved massage at Pinnacle Spa in Scout area. We are frequenting this spa lately because the rates there are so affordable and the facilities are very nice. Although, this gyma and health spa has been around for quite some time now, the place is well-maintained hence it's still nice to go there for some R and R. We had a blast there and really enjoyed our massages. After that, we had a quick dinner of Tapas and went home feeling relax after a long day. Good times.

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  1. Eds said...
    hi sis! cute naman ng bag ha... have a nice day!
    Jesse Pega said...
    Hi sis!

    Thanks. I love them too! I'm using it na nga eh, lol. Have a nice day :)

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