Thursday, March 06, 2008

on door handles

Being in the real estate business, I often get requests from family, relatives and friends for help in the technical aspect of house construction or even flat renovations. As an engineer, I would be oftenly asked to visit the site of a friend's house or a relative's on-going house renovation for monitoring and also for more suggestions that they fell will make their homes a lot more beautiful that what they envisioned it to be. Though, i'm not an architect, one of my favorite part in building up houses is the finishing stage. This is where you will get to see more or less how the house will look like since finshing touches will be installed at this stage. But, mind you, this is also one of the most crtitical part of house construction as this will make or break the beauty of your home. Especially if you are following a certain theme for your house.

A couple friend of ours was able to buy there own place after renting a condominuim unit for almost five years. It's also a condo unit but a bigger one at that. They are targetting to move-in by May of this year and right now they are so busy with the interior decorating works and always in search for the right furnitures to go with their Asian Contemporary motiff. Since both of them are working, they asked for a little help from us. They wanted to find the perfect door handles for their new home. You see, a door handle is important since this will be the gateway to your home and it will give a strong impact on the motiff you're trying to project. Good thing I chance upon seeing this website - - a leading online supplier of high quality Architectural Ironmongery from door handles to butt hinges, from bathroom fittings to door knockers, from country cottage to modern city centre flats. It's a one-stop shop that caters to all tastes and styles, with thousands of handles, knobs, door furniture and hardware products available to buy in their online store.

And the prices are so affordable you would't believe it's true. I already informed our friends about this wonderful site and they are now about to order. I'm so glad I was able to help them with this. So, the next time I plan to renovate or replace my trusty old door handle, I would definitely order one from

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