Friday, March 07, 2008

BFF Award!

Got his fabulous awards from tet. Thanks so much sis! I lavit! :)

I hope this can be use for shopping, lol.

I'm forwarding this awards to Jane, Jacqui, Jody, Nikki, Abie, Mich, Kelly and MM.

BFF Girls!

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  1. Jane said...
    thanks for another ward jesse :)

    btw please update my blogpsot link na ha:)
    Kelly said...
    oo nga, sana pwedeng pang shopping yan. hehe :)

    thanks jesse!
    abie said...
    thanks for the awards sis.

    It's now posted here:
    Jacqui Co-Soriano said...
    ei jesse,

    thank you girl for the blog awards..really wish this card can be use for shopping too!! with unlimited credit limit...whooaa!

    posted on both my blogs, Life's Simple Pleasures ( Coffee Table Conversations (

    Mich said...
    thanks jesse! appreciate it! :)

    and thanks also for greeting Alex!

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