Saturday, March 15, 2008

off to the hospital again

Tomorrow will be another busy saturday for me. For the past two weekends, I have been in the hospital for follow-up check ups with my urologist because of my kidney stone. Yes, one na lang after months of taking medicines in the hope that they will be dissolved. But, it's not a good sign after all. My first ultrasound showed two small ones with sizes ranging from 4mm & 5mm but this time it became bigger @ 7mm (nag-combine sila apparently) and according to my doctor, size this big would be dangerous especially if this will block my ureter (im not sure if I got that right). So, my doctor explained to me that his next step is to find out if the stone is too hard to dissolve considering the size and its composition through an xray of my abdomen. According to him, if the stone seen in the xray turned-out to be white, it means that it's too hard and medicine alone can not dissolve it. If this happens, he will recommend a non-invasive shockwave treatment to dissolve it. Sound scary, right? But apparently, this is a better alternative than having your stones remove by the conventional way (surgically, I mean). But, if the stone in the xray turned out to be not that white, then I had a better chance of not having any procedure at all, just take medicines instead. So, tomorrow I am scheduled for my xray in the morning and I hope to get the results before my check-up later in the afternoon.

I hope everything will turn out okay. Hirap magkasakit these days.

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