Monday, March 17, 2008


I checked my paypal account for an update on my first withdrawal made thru bank transfer (@ BPI Family) and guess what?...... it's now completed! I did the transfer last Mar. 13 and now it's done? Wow it's really that fast ha? Well, tomorrow i'll check if indeed the money is already transferred to my account. Glad that this facility is now available here in the Phil. Now, I wouldn't have to worry about getting funds from my paypak account. All I need to do now is to look for more opps to replace the amount I withdraw last week. Hay... Good luck to me :)

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  1. viperkid said...
    hi! i'm glad to hear that someone has already used BPI Family Savings Account.. btw, im juz new in using paypal, may i know wat kind of BPI Family account u specifically have, is it a Personal savings account with a passbook per se or is it a BPI Express Teller ATM account? i'm wondering if i could use my BPI Express Teller ATM savings account as one of my banks on my paypal account.. thank you for your time =) oh yeah, if in any case i can use d latter, wat bank code should i register, is 010040018 correct for a BPI Family Savings account? and last (im sorry) may i pretty pls know too exactly the bank name u have entered when verifying ur BPI family account? Did u input "BPI Family Bank" or "Bank of The Philippine Islands" or are there any other names as such pertaining to BPI accounts? thank you so much (in advance)

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