Monday, March 10, 2008

i'm still here!

If you're all wondering where I have been these past days, I want to assure you all that i'm just here lurking around. I'm just too lazy to make a post since friday because i'm just too tired I can't even make a simple entry!

Last Friday, my colleagues and I went on a trip to Laguna and Cavite to check out other on-going residential projects aside from our own ones. Well, we just want to know and update ourselves of the design concepts and even the sales strategies of our competitors for us to be able to assess our own projects in terms of these aspects. We visited around 5 (or more pa yata) different projects and I must say that i'm quite impressed with some of them ( at least in terms of how they present their model homes). The one project that I truly wish i'll have the chance to own a property someday is Canyon Ranch. Gosh! The houses there are just amazing! My eyes were drooling the whole time we were there checking out the houses. The interior design of each house is unique, impressive and very well thought of. I super love it! The furnitures, colors and accessories of each model units are coordinated following a specific design motiff. It's just so impressive. Hay! If only I had million of dollars to spend, I would definitely invest in one of those units. It's just in Carmona and a perfect place for a weeekend getaway. What's more it is the first wi-fi integrated community in the country! It's the best!

Inside one of the model units- the unit is so lovely! (photo from

We rushed back to Manila around 6:30 (after stopping by Total Station in SLEX to have some Chowking Halo-Hal) as I still have to attend my boss' despidida party in Ortigas. Hay! Traffic talaga on a Friday night is terrible! We arrived at the party around 9 in the evening, the party was in full swing already! I was called in front to say a message for my boss and to render a song. It was quite an emotional night as we said our farewells to a wonderful boss. But, we all had a great time singing and dancing (my boss is a great dancer and I had a wonderful time doing the swing with him even if I didn't know how, lol). Anyways, the party was over by 10:30. We plan to go somewhere else but i'm just too tired na so we just all head home na lang. When I got home, I checked my mails and for some opps. I was able to grab one from the 3P's but unfortunately, since i'm dead tired, I didn't had the energy to do it. So, what happened? Well, my reservation expired! Sayang! Too bad! Oh well, ganun talaga. Better luck for me next time.

Saturday and Sunday were spent with hubby. We went to see our doctors for our follow-up checkups (me for my stone problems and he for his cholesterol issues) the whole of saturday and just had dinner at Carlos' Pizza in nearby Metrowalk. Love the mushroom soup, chicken fingers and pizza we ordered. Sunday we just laze around in the house and catch up on some sleep. We left late in the afternoon to find an address in San Juan (for hubby's upcoming project) and hear mass in Greenhills. After mass, we had dinner at our favorite, Tender Bob's ordering our all-time favorites, mushroom soup (great soup also), potato skins (the best!) and fillet mignon for me and salpicao for hubby. Well, we're trying to cut on our carb intake to help hubby reduce his bad cholesterol as advised by his doctor but it's just too hard to do but we have to follow it. I just don't want to drastically reduce hubby's carb intake as it might be too hard to do and will only result with him craving for more. So, I plan to make gradual reductions na lang instead and allow him to binge on his favorite food from time to time. We capped the night with a cup of coffee at Figaro. I just love having dinner and having coffee with my husband. It's our "bonding" time together. I'm surely looking forward to our next dinner/coffee date.

That's what been going on with me. Hope everybody's doing well. Thanks for all the tags you left for me. I promise to work on them soon.

Have a nice week everyone!

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