Friday, April 18, 2008

all set for saturday

Relative to my post here, here are some updates:

  • Finally got my HMO's approval /Letter of Approval (LOA) today for the ESWL procedure on Saturday at Medical City. Good thing, the whole procedure will be covered by my insurance including professional fee of my doctors;
  • Got Philhealth form from our HR to file on saturday together with my LOA when paying for the procedure.
  • My sister confirmed that she'll go on saturday to assists us.
  • Prepared all the documents needed like Xray and Ultrasound Results, Billing Documents, etc. to be used by the doctors during the procedure.
  • Doctor called earlier confirming schedule on saturday.

I guess this is it. All systems go. I hope to say goodbye to my "stones" who have been with me na rin for quite some time na and been giving me discomfort.

With this developments, I would like to ask for your prayers for a successful and positive result from this procedure.

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    Gracie said...
    hope all goes well, jesse. God bless.

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