Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why I love him?

This has been a long overdue tag from Jody. Thanks sis! So here it goes....

The Question:

What do you love the most about your husband/ partner?

  • He takes good care of me especially when I am sick

  • He understands my work as he's also an engineer

  • He knows when I am in a bad mood and just let me be

  • He's a good provider

  • He doesn't have any vices

  • He loves watching movies with me (tagalog & chick flick, included)

  • He's a funny man, never fails to make me laugh

  • He supports me in everything that I do

  • He loves his family and my family

  • He showers me with great gifts (expensive and inexpensive)

  • He's a very nice person and loved by everyone (family, friends, colleagues)

  • He's an intelligent, hard-working individual, and lastly

  • He loves me a great lot :)

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