Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a surprisingly good movie

Last Saturday, together with some friends, we watched the movie "The Other Boleyn Girl" in Trinoma. At first, I was just curious about this movie. I never thought that I would actually enjoy watching it. I thought it was just another period movie but since I researched about the Boleyn sisters in the internet before the watching, I got more interested. We all know Anne Boleyn from our World History days in high school, right? But we never got to know the other sister who reportedly had bore King Henry's son. Hay.. the saga of Royal love, betrayal and treason is just unbelievable. You got to see this movie, i swear. There are some differences though on what we read on the books. But overall, the movie practically gave a detailed account on the lives of the Boleyn family, King Henry, Queen Catherine and other characters we just read on the books.

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