Wednesday, April 02, 2008

donate a boat

My parents taught us the virtue of sharing with our less fortunate brothers. That's why now that we, their children, are all grown-ups, we find ways to help those in needs even in our own little ways. One such organization that I want to help is Boatangel's, Donate my Boat to Charity project. You see, Boatangel uses Boat Donations to create videos of anti-drug documentaries which aims to help decrease the number of drug-related cases and cause society awareness. Aside from this, they also create positive children's animations and videos about teen boys rehabilitation homes and uplifting books for the prisoners. These are just the few worthy things that this organization is working on. And they can continue doing this if we help them in anyway possible. So, why don't you start now and Donate Boats. This is surely one worthy project that we all should take part of.

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