Friday, April 25, 2008

The two men I want to sleep with

Finally, after being tag by Jane and Tet, I am now ready to reveal the two men I want to sleep with aside from hubby of course. I hope he's not reading this, lol. But he knows that these two guys are my longtime crushes na. Harmless naman, di ba?

1. Shane West

I just love Shane West. I first took notice of him lately na lang in the movie "A Walk to Remember". When I saw the movie, I fell in love with him right away, lol. He's not really that "good" looking compared to other matinee idols but there's something sexy about him that I like and I don't even know what it is! Maybe it's his eyes. I like his cool aura also. I also like his character in E.R.

2. Sen. Chiz Escudero

Cute ni Sen. Chiz noh? :) Aside from having a boy-next-door appeal, Sen. Chiz is a very smart and articulate person and I think that these traits adds up to his sexiness, hehehe. Di ba it would be nice to sleep with someone who's good looking and has brains pa? Bonus na talaga yun! I like him best when he's just in a casual attire (t-shirt and jeans)

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1. Aggie 2. Thea 3. Litzie 4. Joy 5. Jane 6. Jesse

Tag all the people you want!

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I’m now tagging Vina, Em, Shiela, Vannie & Mich.

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  1. Vannie said...
    ahihihi sen chiz? really?

    my bestfriend adores (or was it obsessed w/ shane west)

    anyway, did this na eh.
    Jesse Pega said...
    Hi vannie!

    yes sen. chiz! funny noh? ewan ko ba why i like that guy :)

    I super love shane west :)
    Eds said...
    you like chiz pla noh sis? My hubby likes his brain, very straight forward and intelligent na tao. :)
    Jesse Pega said...
    To Eds: Hay nako sis! Di ko lng sya like, love ko pa bwahahaha. Though, I haven't got the chance to see him in person! Would you believe si hubby did! twice na! pareho pang sa shangri-la plaza! Kasi naman I was always roaming aroung eh si hubby usually sa coffee shop lang while waiting for me ayun natyempuhan nya. I was only able to see his wife, Christine, in person sa Zara pa of all places :)
    Mich said...
    thanks for this Jesse, but done with it already here -

    btw shane west is cute ha! ;)

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