Sunday, April 13, 2008

Love DNA

Got this interesting tag from Jody. I enjoyed doing this!

Copy here:

1. Take the test - Love Visual DNA.

2. Post your result by adding your name (linked to your blog), your love type (linked to your Love DNA result).

3. Tag everybody else!

Results:1. Aggie - Warm and Fuzzy 2. Thea - Warm and Fuzzy 3. Kelly - Warm and Fuzzy 4. Jody - Warm and Fuzzy 5. Jesse - Love Magnet.

End Copy.

I’m tagging Abie, Eds, Mich, MM, and Alpha.

For my results:

It seems like you're someone who can't imagine life without romantic frolics. Maybe it's because you fall in love so easily. You tend to be very quick to get involved too and like to jump into relationships feet first. It's all about intuition and chemistry when it comes to picking a match. Love is so important to you that you probably don't feel quite complete unless you get your fair share of affection and there's a danger that your love might dwindle as the passion fades. For a relationship to endure, you need to work on making sure that there's more to it than physical attraction.

EMOTIONS You can't help being such a passionate person. It makes you feel alive - love is your life-blood. It fills you with energy and makes the world seem even more beautiful. Right now you couldn't imagine a better place to be. You are positively glowing with happiness and feeling very comfortable and secure. Just how you like it.

PERCEPTIONS If you're in a relationship, it's probably very intense. You'll grab as much one-on-one time with your lover as you can. For you, love is about feeling completely relaxed and comfortable in our own space. Your choice of animal shows that you can be quite carefree when it comes to love. But you're not averse to feeling the odd burst of butterflies in the stomach when you're really smitten.

ASPIRATIONS You can't do love by halves. You make strong commitments. The physical side of love is essential to you. Touching really helps you to connect with the one you love. You believe in living in the moment. And grabbing every precious second you can with the one you love. You're a deeply sensual soul. You need plenty of physical contact in your relationship. If you can't keep your hands off your partner, that''s sure-fire guarantee that things'll last.

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