Friday, April 25, 2008

plans for the weekend

My Dad is here in Manila for his monthly check-up scheduled next week. I want to take advantage of this and now i'm planning for our family summer activities with our him. You see, my dad had a stroke more than a decade ago and due to that, his walking was affected and he never got back to his normal pace. Especially now that his getting older, he's more "nahihirapan" walking that's why we usually have a wheelchair with us whenever we go malling.

So everytime he comes here for his monthly check-up, we want to make sure that we spend more time with him since this is our only chance to do it considering we all work here in Manila. So this weekend, we are planning a trip to the mall probably to watch a movie (my Dad loves going to the movies) after his Ultrasound at NKTI on Saturday. On Sunday, we will all troop to Tagaytay for a quick trip for some sightseeing and of course, food tripping. We might go there Sunday morning till lunch where we plan to have a sumptuous meal in Josephine's.

I hope that all our plans for this weekend will push through. I am planning also for a short get-away to Club Manila East for some swimming on May 1 as it is a holiday and since malapit lang sya para my Dad will not get tired naman. With this I would like to ask some questions lang for those who have tried CME na? Ok ba ang CME for disabled guest? I mean may provisions for disabled guests like ramps, etc.? I want sana to bring my Dad with us when we go swimming para at least he can also enjoy the summer. We'll stay for one whole day lang ok ba yung mga cabanas nila? I'm just concerned lang kasi if we're bringing Dad with us, I want a place where he can comfortably rest while we are swimming hehehe. Will appreciate your comments/suggestions....Thanks in advance guys :)

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