Tuesday, April 29, 2008

busy, busy, busy

Yes. That's my current mode right now. But I still manage to make a post here, lol.

Anyways after a very short but fun trip to Tagaytay yesterday with la famille (will post on this later), I am now back to reality and swamp with lots of work and meetings today and the next three days. My schedule is full packed! As in! I have to finish a lot of work by Wednesday so that I can afford to be on leave on Friday. I have a scheduled ultrasound on that day and we plan to have my Dad's check-up on the same day also instead of Saturday. So, I have to work, work, work my butt off till Wednesday. If not, I think I have to go to work on Friday at least in the morning. Hay, hirap mag-work. How I wish I could just be a SAHW (STAY AT HOME WIFE) na lang hehehe. Ah, hunny? Can you hear me? :)

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  1. Futuristics said...
    NICE Blog :)
    marie said...
    take it easy:)
    Arlene Tabamo said...
    hi sis! alam mo dream ko din yan - ang maging stay at home wife... sarap siguro noh?

    anyway, have a great day! :)
    Jesse Pega said...
    To futuristic: Thanks!

    To Marie: Hay sis... I really need a vacation. Thanks for the reminder anyway :)

    TO Arlene: Sis, target ko maging SAHW in the next two to three years hahaha.

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