Friday, March 14, 2008

my childhood frustration

I had a wonderful childhood. We are not rich but my parents made sure that we have all the things we need for school and other important stuff. My parents, especially my mom, enrolled me, at an early age of 8 ,in various extra curricular activities such as piano and banduria lessons. I guess that's where I got my love for music and i'm grateful to them for encouraging me to learn those instruments. But, there's one thing that i've been wanting to learn eversince I was a child and that is ... Ballet. Now, you know why I chose to put a picture of ballerina in my blog header. I remember how I used to be envious of my childhood friend who was then taking up ballet lessons while I was patiently attending piano lessons. I love everything about ballet - from the pink ballet shoes to the matching tights and tutus that looks so dainty and pretty. I just love them! I think that Ballet also is a very graceful dance that will help girls with proper posture and projection. I tried to convince my mom to let me enroll too but I guess she already had her mind set on me playing the piano. I have no regrets, though, but sometimes I wonder how I would look like in a full ballet outfit.

I guess this is my one frustration as a child. But now that i'm all grown up and married and hoping to have a child of my own someday, I realized that I can still have this dream come to reality. If our dear God will bless me with a daughter of my own, that is. And only if, my daughter will like it too. Besides, I can not to force her to do so if she's not willing, right? But, I hope that she'll love it as much as I do. For now, i'm just glad that a favorite niece of mine is now enrolled in one of the best ballet schools in the country today. She looks so cute on her ballet outfit! I often tease her about how pretty she look in pink and she would giggle in appreciation. Me and her mom are constantly looking for the best and cutest ballet dress for her. Good thing, I found this site,, a one-step shop where you can find a wide range of quality dance leotards, tutus, ballet tights, ballet shoes, and other dance stuff such as jazz pants and dance leotards, different dance shoes such as pointe shoes, dance sneakers, jazz shoes, tap shoes and more. And the best part is you can get this wonderful items at the best possible prices! Isn't that amazing? When you shop at, you can save up to 50% on retail prices and you are assured of available stocks and sizes. Even for small kids like my niece. Now, my cousin is very much hapy with this development. Because, not only she can afford to enroll my niece in ballet lessons, she will definitely have no problem with the funding of her daughter's extra curricular activity. Oh I can't wait to have my own daughter so that I can also get these wonderful stuff from I will surely have a blast shopping online!

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