Thursday, May 01, 2008

holiday tomorrow!

It's another holiday! Yipee! I just love holidays. Meaning, I don't need to wake up early in the morning to prepare for work and I can do my favorite thing in the world.... malling! lol. Anyways, we will definitely hit the mall tomorrow to watch a movie and it would probably be IRONMAN! I just hope my Dad will like it hehehe We might also go to Boni High Street to make "pasyal" my Dad who hasn't been there. Hay... I just love lazing around and doing nothing but rest and have fun. Too bad, I still need to go to the office on Friday morning because there's just too much work to do. Friday afternoon I have a scheduled ultrasound at The Medical City to check if I have flushed-out all my stones that would have resulted from my ESWL procedure almost two weeks ago. How I wish they're all gone.

If I didn't have to go in Friday morning, I shall be having a four day rest! Hay! Sayang. Also, I want to spend more time with my Dad who's just here for his routinary check-up. After this weekend, he;ll be going home to our house in Laguna. So, i'll make sure that whatever time I have I will surely spend most of it in the company of my father.

So for those who still have to go to work on Friday (like me), well at least we still have three free days to enjoy. And for those lucky ones who will not be going back to work till next week, hay.. inggit ako!!

Have a nice advance weekend everyone.

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