Saturday, April 05, 2008

special birthday weekend

This coming weekend will not be just an ordinary long weekend for me. What makes it extra special is the fact that i'll be turning a year "wiser" on Monday, April 7, which also happens to be a holiday. I don't have any plans yet on what to do this weekend. But, definitely I will spend my special day in the company of my husband and loved ones. I'm not sure what my hubby plans to do or if he has something special in-store for me but i'm pretty excited :)

As for my birthday wish, I only have one siguro. That is to get pregnant this year :) Yun lang. I will not wish for any material thing (but I would gladly accept another bag, hunny, lol!) * I'm such a pathetic baghag haha* In addition siguro, I will also wish for good health for me and for my family. I easily panic when a family member is sick. That's why I always pray to God to keep us all away from harm and any form of sickness.

I thank our Lord for the 35 wonderful years of my life and for all the blessings that He has given me and my family. I pray that He will continously bless us and give us more years of happiness.

Good times!

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  1. Babette said...
    Hi sis, Happy Birthday! :) I hope you get what you wish for.

    Definitely Maybe!
    Not Just Another Blog...

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